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Pecan Oil

Pecan Oil

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Discover Deliciousness: Order Pecan Oil

It's common to use oil in the kitchen: You bake with it. You sauté your favorite foods in it. You even use it as an alternative to butter or margarine as a bread spread.

What's uncommon is to have a bottle of fresh Georgia pecan oil on your pantry shelf. Like all oils derived from tree nuts, pecan oil retains just a hint of nuttiness and promises an earthy finish. It's the perfect ingredient to bring exceptional flavor to all your dishes.

Treat your taste buds to something new. Buy pecan oil from Lane Southern Orchards today.

What's So Special About Georgia Pecan Oil?

Like fine wines, all culinary oils have signature characteristics. That's why Georgia pecan oil from Lane Southern Orchards has a one-of-a-kind aroma and flavor. Not only will you get a wonderfully rich oil, but you'll also enjoy the nuances of pecans. Yet pecan oil is valuable for more than just its superior taste. It's also important from a health and nutrition standpoint.

Pecan oil is derived from pressing pecans and then refining the extracted oil. Research has shown that the oil possesses a high degree of vitamin E. Vitamin E has been identified as a highly desired antioxidant for people trying to balance their diets. Other oils don't have the same level of vitamin E as pecan oil.

Additionally, Georgia pecan oil offers low amounts of saturated fats, which can be important for those limiting their intake of certain fats. All-in-all, it's a well-rounded type of oil that you'll definitely want to have on hand.

Frying, Flavoring and More With Pecan Oil

After you buy some of our pecan oil online, you'll want to experiment with it. Thanks to its high cooking temperature, pecan oil is a wonderfully healthy substitute for making everything from fried chicken to deep-fried Oreos!

Of course, you don't have to heat up pecan oil to get its mouthwatering benefits. Plenty of people use Georgia pecan oil as the base for salad dressings and drizzles. Bring a rich pecan flavor to leafy greens, veggies and meats with an oil that's bottled at precisely the right moment to bring out the best taste.

Why Trust Lane Southern Orchards for Pecan Oil?

At Lane Southern Orchards, we spend our time focused on bringing you the most delectable treats straight from our Georgia farms. Pecans are one of our primary crops, and we've spent over a century cultivating pecan trees that produce exceptional nuts.

You can trust that any products you order from us, including our award-winning pecan oil, will meet or exceed your high standards. Pecan enthusiasts come to us for the best pecan oil they can find in person or online.

Pecan oil will make a fantastic addition to your kitchen. It can also be a special gift for the foodies in your life. Who wouldn't want a chance to try world-class pecan oil pressed in the heart of Georgia?

Pick up a bottle of pecan oil right now. Also, be sure to browse our other fine foods, such as pecan candy and peach cobbler mix, while you're on our site.

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A classic jar of jam tastes a little better when it’s made from the heart with Georgia’s freshest, all natural ingredients.

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