How Do We Ship Our Peaches?

How Do We Ship Our Peaches?

What's better than fresh Georgia peaches shipped right to your door? Lane Southern Orchards understands the hesitation behind shopping for produce online, which is why we implement safety measures to ensure your peaches arrive in pristine condition.

Shipping Precautions and Measures

We use the following precautions to ensure your peaches stay safe and fresh upon arrival:

  • Packaging: Each peach you order is individually wrapped with protective foam and placed carefully in a box to prevent bruises or blemishes in transit.
  • Protective lids: Our boxes are sealed with protective lids that create a crush-proof structure. We then layer these boxes with heavier orders on the bottom and lighter orders on top.
  • Box labels: With each order, we request your name, billing address, shipping address and email address. This private information is secure on our servers and will be used to create a custom label. We immediately place this label on your box to ensure you get what you paid for.
  • Fast shipping: Our Georgia peaches are shipped within two days of picking so that you can get the freshest peaches on arrival.

The Arrival of Your Fresh Peaches

We strive for our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchases. If not, we want to know about it. 

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee allows us to make it right! If a product doesn't meet your expectations, we will replace it. If this occurs in a season when particular products are not available, we will issue you a refund or provide a gift certificate to be used toward another item.

Shop Georgia Peaches at Lane Southern Orchards Today

Lane Southern Orchards was founded in 1908 and has grown fresh produce ever since. Our farm is located in the heart of Georgia, providing the perfect conditions for our fresh peaches and pecans. 

Lane Southern Orchards strives to bring the sweet taste of Georgia to every home. Shop our peaches online and make peach cobbler in the comfort of your own home. Please feel free to contact us through our online form or call 478-221-7358 today!

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