How to Freeze Peaches

How to Freeze Peaches

You fell in love with this season's harvest of super-ripe peaches. Who could blame you? There's only one problem. You can't possibly eat them all before they're past their prime.

Not to worry. If you'd rather not spend a day canning your peaches, you have an alternative — putting them in the freezer.

Can Peaches Be Frozen?

Peaches and freezing go hand in hand as long as you follow a few simple steps. When you freeze your fruit, you can make the most of your purchase. Plus, you'll always have peaches on hand for baking.

Freezing your peaches takes less time, energy and equipment than canning them. Just make sure you have a bit of free time and space in your freezer.

How to Freeze Your Peaches

Now comes the fun part — learning how to freeze peaches so they taste great and keep their beautiful hue for up to a year.

1. Rinse and Slice Your Peaches

After giving your peaches a cool bath, dry them off. You can then remove the skin or leave it on. It's up to you. Just remember that if you typically make a lot of peach products that require skinless fruit, you'll save time by taking the skin off before freezing.

To skin a peach, start by using a knife to make a small "X" at the bottom of the fruit. Dip each peach in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds. Remove the peaches immediately and place them into a large bowl filled with lots of ice and water. After a few minutes, remove each peach and peel off the skin.

Whether or not you decide to skin your peaches, you'll want to remove the pit. Run your knife all around the peach, starting at the indentation point. Pull apart the two halves, remove the pit, and slice your peach at least three or four times.

2. Coat Your Peach Slices With Lemon Juice

Want to make sure your peaches won't turn brown? Give the slices another bath in a bowl filled with water and the juice from one lemon or lime. The acid will keep the fruit looking lovely.

You can add a tablespoon or two of white sugar into the lemon bath if you want. It's not necessary, but some people say it brings out the fruit's natural sweetness even more.

3. Line a Baking Sheet With Peach Slices

You're nearing the finish line at this point. Dry off your peach slices by letting them sit in a colander and then line them up on a baking sheet. Try not to have any overlapping peach slices.

4. Freeze and Bag Your Peach Slices

Place your baking sheet in the freezer and let your peach slices get hard overnight. When they're completely frozen, place them in freezer-safe plastic bags and remove as much air from the bag as you can. It's that easy!

What Can I Use Frozen Peaches For?

Now that you have your frozen peaches, you can use them in lots of creative ways. You don't necessarily have to thaw them, either, unless you plan to cut them up into smaller pieces to include in your baked items like quick breads, muffins and pastries.

Some of our favorite ways to use frozen peach slices include tossing them into smoothies and turning them into homemade peach ice cream. They make mouthwatering waffle toppings, too. Saute your frozen peaches in butter until they're soft. Add a touch of vanilla extract, and you'll have a delicious breakfast.

You can also use frozen peaches to cool down drinks. Just drop a few peach slices into a glass of carbonated flavored water. The water will be cooler and infused with the unmatched flavor of a tree-ripened peach. We love frozen peaches in sweet tea, too.

How Long Are Frozen Peaches Good For?

You can expect your frozen peaches to last in your freezer for up to 12 months. However, if you aren't able to remove a lot of air from the sealed bag, you may find that your peach slices only hold up for about six to nine months.

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