How to Store Peaches

How to Store Peaches

After eagerly waiting all year for peach season, it can be hard to limit yourself when buying this sweet stone fruit. While an overabundance of peaches is never a bad thing, there are only so many you can eat before they begin to pass their peak. Here are some simple methods for storing and preserving your peaches at their peak tangy-sweet juicy goodness.

The Best Way to Store Peaches

How you store your peaches will vary depending on their level of ripeness, how long you want them to last and if you're slicing them before storage. Whichever storage option you choose, it's best to store your whole peaches with the stem side facing downwards and plenty of space between each peach. If you're low on space, you can store your peaches closer together or slice them before storing them.

Generally, you can keep peaches on the counter with a towel underneath to prevent the bottoms from becoming mushy. If your peaches aren't ripe yet, place them in a paper bag with holes cut in it until they're ready to eat. The bag will capture the natural gases the peaches release and speed up the ripening process. For long-term storage, you have the option of placing your peaches in the refrigerator or freezer to extend their shelf life.

How Long Do Stored Peaches Last?

How long your peaches last in storage will depend on the method you use. If you store whole peaches on the counter or in your refrigerator, they'll last a little less than a week. When using this storage method, it's essential to frequently check your peaches to ensure they have not made the transition from ripe to rotten.

Your best option for long-term storage is to place your peaches in the freezer. Properly storing your peaches in the freezer will allow them to stay fresh for a few months. If you use this method, be sure to thaw your peaches before use.

Can I Refrigerate Peaches to Slow Down Ripening?

Ideally, you should eat ripe peaches as early as possible so you can enjoy their full mouth-watering sweetness. However, if you'd rather wait and enjoy your ripe peach at a later date, you do need to refrigerate your peaches to slow down the ripening process. Place your peach in your produce drawer or a loosely tied plastic bag to place in your fridge.

Keep in mind that the cold air of your refrigerator may dehydrate your peach and cause wrinkles. Check your peach frequently to ensure it's still ripe, or place it in the freezer if you're planning on waiting even longer before enjoying your peach.

How to Store Cut Peaches

Once you cut your peaches, they may begin to turn brown due to oxidization. Brush your cut peaches with juice from citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges before tightly wrapping and storing them in your refrigerator. The juice from citrus fruits will keep your peaches fresh for a few days and prevent them from turning brown.

If you want to preserve your peaches for a longer time, you have two freezing options. The first option is to place the sliced peaches on a baking sheet with parchment paper and flash freeze them. After your peaches are completely frozen, place them in a bag with an airtight seal and put them back into your freezer. This method will keep your sliced peaches fresh for a few months.

If you'd like to extend the life of your peaches even longer, blanch your whole peaches in boiling water and then place them in an ice bath to remove the peel. After removing the peel, slice your peaches and set them aside. In a small saucepan, make a simple syrup with water and sugar. Once your simple syrup cools, use it to coat your peaches before placing them in freezer bags. With this storage method, your peaches can last up to one year in your freezer.

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