Valentine's Gift Guide: Sweet and Unique Ideas

Valentine's Gift Guide: Sweet and Unique Ideas

With the most romantic day of the year fast approaching, the pressure to find the perfect gift can make shopping for this holiday more difficult than it has to be. Our Valentine's Day gift guide will inspire you with new and creative ways to show your loved one how much you care.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Pecan Lovers

A box of chocolates may be the go-to for Valentine's Day gifts. But why not put quality over quantity with pecan-based baked goods and homemade candy?

Show your sweetheart just how sweet they are with these pecan snacks and desserts:

  • Southern pecan samplers and super deluxe samplers: Who says snacking has to be stale? Give your loved one a gourmet pecan gift pack — complete with rich chocolate-covered nuts, sweet and crunchy pralines, fresh and simple roasted pecans and more delights!
  • Pecan candy: Get the perfect balance of sweet and salty with handmade pecan candy. With classic combinations like dark chocolate, peanut butter and toffee, you're sure to find the right flavor to match your sweetheart's taste. Bring a tropical touch to February with milk chocolate coconut pecan bites, or satisfy your loved one's sweet tooth with white chocolate pecans.
  • Cinnamon pecan bread: Nothing warms the heart like homemade cinnamon pecan bread. Our hearty, sweet pecan bread makes for a perfect treat as French toast, bread pudding or with a helping of cinnamon butter.
  • Georgia pecan pie: Share the experience of Georgia cooking with a slice of rich pecan pie. Made with fresh ingredients and the best Georgia pecans, this pie is the perfect closer to a romantic dinner.

Valentine's Day Gifts for the Jam, Jelly and Preserves Lovers

Jams and jellies are a great gift for loved ones who like to create cheese trays, start their day with toast and jam or enjoy trying new things.

Satisfy your loved one's palate with these unique gift ideas:

  • Jam gift packs: Made with fresh fruits from the heart of Georgia, these jams will add a layer of sweetness to this love-filled holiday. Choose from farm-fresh peach or strawberry jams to enjoy during Sunday brunch or as a daily breakfast spread.
  • Real crushed fruit preserves: These fruit preserves are made with real, locally grown fruits and make for a great addition to waffles, toast or muffins. Choose something pleasantly tart with blackberry preserves or something as sweet as your loved one with peach preserves. If your significant other has a thing for autumn, remind them of that cozy season this Valentine's Day with hot cinnamon apple preserves.
  • All-natural jelly: Treat your loved one to a homemade natural jelly. With adventurous flavors like peach pepper, satsuma and hot pepper, you can explore new flavor profiles with a classic base, like croissants, bread or even ice cream!

Valentine's Day Gifts for the Peach Lover

Celebrate this special holiday with one of nature's sweetest desserts — peaches. Peaches are the epitome of the perfect summer treat, refreshingly juicy and scrumptiously sweet, but they aren't just for the summer months. Liven up your loved one's February with a peachy gift.

These peach-based products are created with love, with hand-picked fruit right from our orchards. There is no doubt that these will make great Valentine's Day gifts for peach lovers:

  • Peachy gift pack: Sample the best that our family-owned orchard has to offer with a peachy gift pack! The perfect option when you can't choose just one gift, this pack comes with peach cobbler jam, peach pecan preserves and peach preserves. The sweet, traditional flavors can serve as inspiration for a romantic indoor picnic or as a contribution to the office holiday party. 
  • Peach mixes: If your sweetheart loves to bake, they'll appreciate the gift of homemade crunchy peach mix. The peach crisp mix is a delicious crumbling topping for their next bake. If they love the quintessential cobbler, the peach cobbler mix will provide the perfect gooey finish.
  • Peach bread: Your partner won't get enough of our wholesome Southern peach bread. The sweet peach juice mixed with crumbly brown sugar and rich dough make for a delightful dessert.

Don't wait until the grocery store stocks up! Pre-order the freshest peaches in the U.S. today and get them delivered straight to your door. Your loved one will get a note letting them know their order of fresh, sweet and delicious peaches will be on its way.

Valentine's Day Gifts for the Syrup and Butter Lover

Great Valentine's Day gift ideas are about the thought that inspired them. If your loved one appreciates thoughtful gestures, planning a special Valentine's Day breakfast with farm-to-table toppings may be the right way to share your feelings. 

These gifts are also great if your significant other is a breakfast person who wants to change up their pancake and waffle toppings:

  • Syrup gift crates: If you and your partner are craving a true Southern breakfast, you'll love a serving of peach or roasted pecan syrup. Our wooden gift crate presents your choice with a package of pancake mix. Whether your loved one would rather a pleasantly sweet, unique peach syrup or the rich and nutty flavors of a pecan option, this gift crate is sure to delight.
  • Fruit butter: Homemade fruit butter is the ideal addition for enhancing your favorite foods. Savor a batch of handmade biscuits or a spoonful of yogurt with a generous helping of peach, apple or pumpkin butter. 

Valentine's Day Gifts for the Health Enthusiast

For those who are health-conscious or monitoring their sugar intake, there are nutritious and sugar-free options that would make exceptional holiday gifts:

  • No sugar added preserves: Our no sugar added preserves harness natural sweetness without compromising on flavor. You get the health benefits of real peaches in a peachy preserve! Or, give your significant other the gift of options with our no sugar added blueberry, blackberry and muscadine preserves.
  • No sugar added syrups: Syrup with no sugar added? Sounds too good to be true! Our secret old Southern recipe guarantees that your morning pancakes will be just as sweet as they've always been. With our special pecan blend, you can help boost your immune system while enjoying breakfast.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Savory Lover

You can still keep your Valentine's Day gift sweet with something more savory. Whether a snacker or a home chef, your loved one will love these gift ideas that are on the savory side:

  • Hot sauces: Spice things up this Valentine's Day — literally! Maybe your loved one is a hot wing aficionado or a spice lover in the kitchen. Either way, hot sauces make a unique and flavorful gift. Hot peach sauce balances sweet and heat for the perfect addition to just about anything, from collards to fish or chicken. Or, take things up a few notches with the five hot pepper sauce.
  • Salsa: Tangy, spicy and sweet combine for the perfect relationship in our salsas. Rich and smoky chipotle peach salsa will liven up any chicken dish. Or, go a little tame with different medium fruit salsas. Of course, some like it hot, and that's where the sweet and spicy habanero peach salsa comes in.
  • Salad dressings: Start your romantic dinner with a tangy and flavorful salad dressing. Creamy Vidalia onion and bright summer tomato dressings make the perfect pairing for your fresh veggie salads. If you're spending Valentine's Day cuddled together watching movies, these dressings make great dips for veggie snacks!

Valentine's Day Gift Baskets

With so many sweets and treats to choose from, you may want to try more than one dessert or topping. Gift boxes let your special someone sample several farm-to-table products, so you don't have to choose just one.

Our sassy salsa gift box combines the best of both worlds with spicy and sweet flavors to entice your palate. If you want to cater your Valentine's Day gift to your significant other's personal interests, there are presents for bakerstea lovers and those who love a hearty breakfast.

Shop Valentine's Treats and Sweets at Lane Southern Orchards

There is something to be said about a homemade gift from the heart. And at Lane Southern Orchards, all of our products bring a homemade Southern charm that elevates a Valentine's Day gift to a special gesture.

With authentic farm-fresh fruits and pecans, you and your special someone can enjoy an extra sweet Valentine's Day. Shop all of our products today!

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