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Buy Fresh Pecans in the Shell From Lane Southern Orchards

Over the past couple of centuries, pecans have become synonymous with Southern American cooking and baking. As the only tree nut that's native to North America, the pecan has a number of healthy attributes that make it a favorite choice. In fact, the popularity of pecans is continuing to rise as people discover just how nutrient-packed pecans are in comparison to other nut varieties.

If you've wanted to try fresh pecans straight from a Georgia pecan farm, we encourage you to purchase pecans online from Lane Southern Orchards. Our roots go back more than 100 years, which means you know you're getting premium-quality tree nuts. Order fresh in-shell pecans in five-pound, 10-pound or 25-pound bags. These make wonderful holiday gifts if you know someone who likes to "get cracking!"

Types of Georgia Pecans in the Shell

You may think that all pecans are the same. However, at Lane Southern Orchards, we know that there are many pecan varieties. Each kind has its own unique characteristic, flavor, size and shell type.

We focus on growing and harvesting two basic types of pecans: Desirables and Schley pecans. Desirables feature rich, meaty centers. They have a strong pecan flavor. At harvest time, Desirables trees are some of the biggest pecan producers we see on our farm.

Schley, or "Paper Shell" pecans are also bountiful, and they produce a major nutty taste. The main difference between them and Desirables is the shell itself. Every Schley pecan is contained within a shell that's incredibly easy to crack. You'll know a Paper Shell pecan as soon as you start opening it because you will access its meaty contents with relatively minimal effort.

Of course, no matter what type of Georgia pecan in the shell you buy from us, you're going to love every bite. Buy a bag or two of fresh pecans in the shell today for your pantry.

Buy Whole Pecans in the Shell

Buy fresh Georgia in shell pecans online or in-store at our Roadside Market. Shop our other delicious pecan products like shelled pecans, cinnamon-flavored pecans, pecan samplers, and pecan pie

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