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A taste of Georgia. Wherever you call home.

For your convenience, we have made our Georgia peaches and pecans available to you online.

Give our freshly made breads a chance; you won’t be disappointed. From salted, to roasted, to chocolate covered, we have something that will satisfy every palette.

Buy Our Fresh, Shelled Pecans for Sale

When we say that our pecans are the freshest you'll find online, we mean it. Our pecan farm's heritage goes back more than 100 years. That means you know you're always going to get the best Georgia pecans when you order from us.

Several Types and Flavors of Shelled Georgia Pecans

From all-natural to flavored, our pecans come in several forms. This variation allows you to mix and match, ensuring you always have the fresh, shelled Georgia pecans on hand that you need.

Below are some of the shelled pecan options you can buy today on our online store:

Pecan Halves: What could be more simple or delicious than pure halves of pecans? We harvest all our pecans when they're at their peak ripeness. They're plump and packed with all the nutrients that make pecans a bestselling tree nut. If you love to bake pecan-based treats, you'll definitely want to keep at least one bag of our Pecan Halves in your kitchen! They're great for grab-and-go snacks, too.

Roasted & Salted Pecans: Are you looking for a pecan that features savory overtones? You'll love biting into our Roasted & Salted Pecans. Roasting brings out the nuttiness and earthiness of the pecan, and a dash of salt complements its inherent sweetness. Don't be surprised if your whole family goes nuts for these treasures!

Cinnamon Pecans: Cinnamon and pecans go hand-in-hand beautifully in terms of flavors. That's why we coated these pecans in a cinnamon dusting. They're a little bit sweet and 100% wonderful.

Pecan Pieces: Are you looking for bits of pecan to add to yogurts, salads, baked goods, oatmeal and other foods? We have the product you need. You can trust our Pecan Pieces to hold their superior flavor in any dish.

Peach Pecans: We started as both pecan and peach farmers. Is it any wonder that one of our signature shelled pecan flavors is peach? For this flavor, we roll our rich, delectable pecans in a tantalizing peach dusting. You'll love the way the peach flavoring accentuates the sweetness of the shelled pecans!

Order Shelled Pecans Online From Lane Southern Orchards

It's no secret that Georgia-grown pecans offer tons of health benefits. They are high in antioxidants and vitamins, and they're low in saturated fats. Plus, they're a great tree nut to have around the house as snacks.

Buy the freshest shelled Georgia pecans today from Lane Southern Orchards. These products are perfect for when you need to give gifts, entertain guests or choose snacks. Buy online or shop in-store at our roadside market. Feel free to check out all our other pecan goodies like in-shell pecanspecan pies, and pecan samplers